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Custom Plumbing

BP Fabrication offers custom crimped lines from both XRP (The Xtreme in Racecar Plumbing) and BMRS (Brown and Miller Racing Solutions). BP Fabrication can crimp lines from -3 to -16 hoses. Let us help upgrade your race car. It can be your Spike/Toyota or your Maxim Chassis Sprint car with these lightweight and performance hose and fittings you will be sure to add quality parts to your racecar! Contact Brad Loyet for a price sheet.

Shock Dyno

BP Fabrication has a Maxwell Industries shock dyno in which Brad Loyet can give you a true rating of your shock. BP Fabrication will run your shock through a simulated warm up process then run it on our computer controlled dyno to give you 6 different graphs so you can get a better understanding of what is going on inside your shock! BP Fabriation can also dyno your springs to give you a true spring rating.
BP Fabrication can dyno any brand shock ranging from: FK, Advance Racing, Penske, PRO, AFCO, FOX, or any other popular brand!
Pricing is:
$10 per adjustable shock
$8 per non adjustable shock
Graphs are:
1. Force VS Velocity
2. Force VS Displacement
3. Force CO/RC
4. Force CC/RO
5. Both CO/RC – CC/RO
6. Average Force

Torsion Bar Dyno

BP Fabrication also offer a Maxwell Industries Torsion Bar Dyno. All functions of the machine are computer controlled giving you a spring rate ever ¼”. We can test ¾,7/8, and 1’ Torsion bars. Don’t throw away your bars anymore let BP Fabrication give you a spring rate. This is one of the most important and overlooked tools in the industry!
Pricing is; $12 dollars a bar or $10 dollars a bar when we do 10 or more for you.

Custom Machining

BP Fabrication has a Haas VF2YT for CNC machining that is capable of travel up to 30" x 20" x 20". We can prototype a part for you or run a full production run. BP Fabrication has completed jobs that have been used all over the USA as well as overseas in New Zealand. Send BP Fabrication your print and let us quote your next job.

BP Fabrication has also added TWO MORE CNC machines! A SM1165 3 axis mill and a SL15 Lathe for all your turning work! Although BP Fabrication's main focus is the motor sport industry we also do work in several other niches from industrial, material handling, and automotive industry!

Have a part you want quoted? Email us for a quote at:

Manual Machines BP Fabrication has:
Bridgeport Mill
Large Engine Lathe
Southbend Lathe
American Broach Press
Mittler Bros Tubing Bender
Mittler Bros Tubing Notcher

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Our Haas CNC milling some aerospace grade aluminum!


BP Fabrication offer custom welding projects. Come to us with a dream and we will make it come to life. We offer TIG and MIG welding on our Lincoln Welders. BP Fabrication can weld your aluminum, stainless, and steel projects.



Welding stainless bumpers and nerfs with our Lincoln Tig Welders!

Laser Engraving

BP Fabrication also has a Tykma LaserQube 20w for all your custom engraving needs. Our laser is a fiber laser that works very quickly and provides a clear and crisp result! We can private label parts with your logo or if you have an existing part we can make it a bit more personal with your car number or logo on it.

Please reach out for any parts you may way to have engraved at an affordable price!

Tykma Fiber Laser in action engraving our logo into an exhaust plate!

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